Request For Proposals

Mister Coffee & Services, Inc. welcomes any opportunity to participate in an exploratory process to assist the private or public sector in the area of office coffee services, food service management and vending services.


As a team, we will work to satisfy your core objectives. These are likely the following:


  • Provision of superior contract terms and conditions
  • Respect cost containment directives of the company
  • Possible reduction in the cost of hot beverage that you supply for your employees
  • Reduction in the potential loss of product
  • Appropriate utilization of limited space 
  • Supply and delivery of equipment with a minimum of inconvenience
  • Provision of hot beverage supplies as required
  • Provision of associated items as required
  • Provision of water bars and water filtration systems
  • Provision of on-site and/or remote services as required

As a respondent, Mister Coffee will follow your guidelines as set forth in the formal RFP / RFQ. As the successful bidder, Mister Coffee & Services, Inc. shall execute the Agreement as documented in our formal response and dedicate the resources required to create a mutually beneficial relationship for the duration of the Agreement, and beyond