Single Cup Coffee

The Office Coffee Services (OCS) business in Canada has always had a high cost of entry. Compared to the United States, the market is more dominated by large, national players. Both the thermal and the single cup brewer technologies were well developed in Canada before being introduced extensively in the United States.

  Incorporated in 1980, Mister Coffee & Services, Inc. has evolved over the past thirty-nine years to include leading office and hospitality businesses and remains today, a 100% Canadian owned and operated company. In the early 1980's, OCS was entering its "mass distribution" stage, meaning the marketplace had already become educated to the concept and it had found a good rate of acceptance. Provided that Mister Coffee could offer a "point of difference" and bring efficiencies not yet utilized, great opportunity was available where others could not raise the bar.

  Today, Mister Coffee & Services, Inc. operates from two distribution centres, Toronto and Guelph, and service an area encompassing Oshawa to the east, London to the west and Barrie to the north. With our affiliates in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, Montreal, Halifax, St. John and Quebec City, we can satisfy your national corporate presence.  We offer comprehensive office coffee, foodservice, vending and water programs to satisfy a broad spectrum of users.