President Speaks

If you're a customer of Mister Coffee & Services, Inc., chances are you look forward to the weekly visit from your Customer Service Representative (CSR). They always wear a buttoned white dress shirt, a tie and a smile. They place a bright, fresh carnation on your desk and occasionally, they'll surprise you with a humourous little stuffed firkin to adorn your workplace.

We intend for each customer contact to be a memorable and enjoyable experience, both in the quality of the product / service and with the ease of the transaction. The lighter touches that come with our professional service, such as the carnation and the marketing aids are intended to uplift the work environment. Each contact with Mister Coffee should cause clients to smile as we make the transaction truly enjoyable.

Our philosophy is to provide a high-quality service by creating a pleasant relationship for staff as well as clients, while at the same time, maintaining a pragmatic approach to detail and function. Our company's trademark carnation conveys an image we want to communicate; one of caring as well as mutual respect. The flower is simple, to the point and not extravagant. Nothing happens at Mister Coffee by accident. Everything follows a plan.