Added Value Service Program

Mister Coffee & Services, Inc. is a supplier to many high profile foodservice and grocery accounts across the Southern Ontario region. With traditional over the counter hot beverage sales, we have the right coffee to satisfy your customer's palate and your need for great service and cost containment. With coffee bean sales in grocery stores and selected coffee shops, our attractive bean merchandisers, coffee bean grinders and tasteful marketing facilitate customer loyalty and good profits. We offer many nationally branded and private label coffees.

Mister Coffee specializes in the support of these types of Retail and Wholesale businesses with comprehensive beverage programs:

  • Coffee shops and beverage bars
  • Hospital cafeteria and catering
  • Hospital Auxiliary/ Volunteer-run retail beverage outlets
  • Corporate cafeterias and coffee concessions
  • Catering companies
  • Multi-outlet franchise food and beverage outlets
  • Country clubs and banquet facilities
  • Multi-unit hospitality
  • Specialty grocery stores