About Our Coffees

Our coffees are grown on small estates rich in rainfall and fertile soil in the finest coffee regions around the world. Most of the coffee grows at altitudes between 5,000 and 6,600 feet above sea level. All plantings are of the best Arabica botanical varieties. What makes these coffees different is the special attention tress and their fruit receive from the strict plantation management standards such as pruning, irrigation and replanting, to selective hand picking, spring water washing and sun drying. The process of washing and sun drying helps to preserve the coffee's distinct characteristics, clean taste and natural moisture balance for consistent good taste.

To expand from the unmistakable and very defined taste profile of our world class coffees of origin, we have created a series of specialty blends. Each blend encompasses a myriad of taste notes that, when combined, explode in a symphony of flavour and aroma. Examine the distinct characteristics of each to satisfy a demanding palate and assist you in making the right choice.