Fraction Packaged Coffee


Our most recent addition, this "Parisien" Dark Roast is made from selected high grown quality varietals offering a strong, aromatic and deep intensity without any bitterness. This French roast coffee is sure to please those with a taste for something bold, unique and complex.

Bodecker Brewed

This "Full City" Medium Dark Roast is our best seller and our signature coffee. Previously named Mister Coffee Executive, this blend of South and Central American coffees exhibits a rich, full-bodied taste with a heady aroma and zesty flavour. An excellent all purpose coffee, great any time of the day.


A truly distinctive blend of some of the World's finest beans. With coffees from South and Central America and the addition of some beans from the African continent, this "Full City" Medium Dark Roast offers a crisp satisfying finish with every cup. You can detect a hint of acidity and sharpness because of the African. It is a wonderful accompaniment with desserts and sweets.

Pride of Cordoba

This easy drinking coffee has a well-rounded character. A full-bodied "New York / Velvet" Medium Roast that is a great morning pick me up. Made from the finest South American coffees.

Columbian Gold

Yes, the spelling is different (Colombian) as this is our take on blending the best Colombian beans available today. The character is mildly fruity with light acidity, medium body with a slightly toasted aroma. A popular "New York / Velvet" Medium Roast, it is sure to please any time of the day.

Brazilian Mountain Harvest

This blend of Brazilian and neighbouring South American coffees has a complex array of subtle notes ranging from fruity to nutty. With "New York / Velvet" Roast with medium body and acidity, it is a perfectly balanced cup.

Cafe Excelso

This "New York / Velvet" Roast was developed to satisfy a growing trend here in Canada.
A heavy-bodied, smooth tasting coffee with taste notes that mimics popular donut shop coffees. With the addition of cream to your brewed coffee, your palate experiences strong aroma and  flavour with smoothness that delights the senses. Especially satisfying as the first morning cup.

Mocha java "GOLD COAST"

Our most complex blend of beans from Indonesia, Africa, and South and Central America, this Light "Cinnamon" Roast is a great morning coffee with a good caffeine kick. With a full body and medium acidity rendering an exceptional finish with overtones of wine and fruity undertones.

Colombian Decaffeinated

Using a natural liquid carbon dioxide process that incorporates only water to moisture the coffee bean and render the caffeine accessible for removal, this successfully removes 99% of the caffeine for those who love coffee without the kick. This certified organic process allows us to produce a naturally decaffeinated coffee and maintain all the richness and flavour of a regular Colombian coffee. A "New York / Velvet" Roast that is pleasant and satisfying.