Whole Bean Coffees


This "Parisien" Dark Roast has an intense toasted flavour and aroma with medium acidity and body. A blend of African and South American coffees, its snappy and spicy taste is appropriate for the experienced palate.


We offer this fine blend in three degrees of roast, Very Dark, Medium Dark and Light.  The beans are a complex blend of African, Middle Eastern and South American with acidic undertones, nutty overtones and a pungent taste. To get the appropriate effect, the grind must be extremely fine to product heavier body and smoothness.

Mister Coffee Executive 

Our signature coffee, this blend of South and Central American beans, roasted to a "Full City" Medium Dark finish, is our suggestion for an all-purpose coffee, great any time of the day.  A well-balanced, sweet and smooth, rich and flavourful coffee.

French Mocha

A "Full City" Medium Dark Roast, this blend of African and South American beans is a good choice for those seeking a bold taste. It displays a toasty and aromatic flavour, and is smooth and rich.

After Dinner

A blend of Central American beans with a Light "Cinnamon" Roast and South American beans with a Dark "Full City" Roast. The resulting variation in colour highlights the fact that different and distinct beans with different characters are merged to create a unique taste profile. The result is a well-rounded coffee, great for late day relaxation and enjoyment.  

Private Blend

This "New York / Velvet" Medium Roast coffee has a smooth and mellow character from its South and Central American composition. A nice balance of acidity, body, aroma and flavour.

Colombian Supremo

A very popular, high quality coffee from a single growing region of Colombia. We have decided to roast this bean to a "New York / Velvet" Medium Roast that allows the true character to flow directly to the cup. A large bean with great taste consistency year after year, Supremo is truly a supreme choice creating a great tasting coffee using any brewing process.   

Mocha Java

This Light "Cinnamon" Roast is a traditional blend of African, Indonesian and South American coffee beans with a light, mellow and slightly acidic taste, great for that first morning cup. Our lightest roast offering the highest concentration of natural caffeine.