Hi, Olivia. How nice to hear from you!  Please tell Paul we moved back to ...........................last February, and Mister Coffee never skipped a beat in the service wherever we were.  Dwayne continues to look after us extremely well and I must say you are the best coffee service around as far as we are concerned.  As you know we have tried .............................., you name it, looking for deals, but we have always come back to Mister Coffee because you still have the best service.  Your prices may be a bit higher but your coffees are better and your service is next to none. And your people are just all – to a man, and woman – wonderful. Patrick does a great job – he is reliable and conscientious. Customer service is tops – that money can’t buy!  What can I say? 

Valentine of …………………… just called to let everyone know that they are very pleased with the recently concluded re and re that was done in their store.  he particularly wanted to put in a good word for the service tech who did all the work from the removal to the re -installation – he regrets that he does not know his  name but he says he had not met him ever before. He said he was very polite and quiet but focused and thorough and did a really great job.  He was totally with it and his finished work showed it – clean, neat, well-done, all the details looked after, and very careful. Because, as you know, we like to speak out when we are not satisfied with work done, i thought it was only fair to doff our hats off, too, when the work has been exemplary and we are very pleased and satisfied.  Please make sure that Malcolm and the service department knows about this because i think it is a good reflection of their dedication.  Thanks,  Olivia. 

Everything is perfect, Olivia.  Patrick replenishes us adequately every Thursday when he comes.  We never run out of supplies in between delivery schedules.  He is a thorough and conscientious and friendly little worker and we love him.  He sees to it that our Bodecker is clean and always working well – how we love this brewer and the products it makes for us!  Don’t know how we could function without our coffee service – that’s for sure!  We have a menu, we get flowers, we get smiles, we have great coffees and teas – what more could we ask for…

Your rep Corey just left here after fixing our coffee machine, and I just wanted to let you know that he is a great representative for your company. Extremely polite and genuine and took the time to explain what the problem was to me. Wonderful customer service!

The service leaves nothing to be desired, Olivia.  Dwayne knows that if anything were not up to par, you would hear from me, believe me. I like the little chap, Patrick.  We have a good thing going - I leave the order sheet pinned to the wall, he takes it when he comes in, replenishes everything accordingly, puts everything away for me, cleans and tidies up, and gives me the invoice to sign.  Smooth as gold - no hassles. 

Meelee:  I am very satisfied with the service, Olivia.  Mary Jane is doing an amazing job, I think.  She is very conscientious and thorough and very serious with her work.

The service is reliable, efficient, and thorough.  Ken is a great rep.  He does a consistently fine job and looks after our needs and requirements.  He is friendly, helpful, and can be depended upon to be responsive to our requests.  I like the regular schedule.  I like that he services and maintains our brewers and that I do not have to bother with the coffee service because it is looked after so well.

I think Rommel does a fantastic job.  We rely on him completely to look after everything for us, from ordering the products to monitoring our consumption, to replenishing as necessary, to putting things away and/or allocating them among the different kitchens, to cleaning and maintaining all the machines.  He cleans them and sees to it that they are functioning well.  He calls for a service technician as necessary and to the best of my knowledge service is always prompt and competent.  We love the service - we have no complaints whatsoever.  It runs so very smoothly, as far as I am concerned, that we do not worry about anything. 

Khaled is the best!  He does a superb job and the best thing for me is he always goes above and beyond - for us.  We are adequately stocked at all times, he cleans our machine of all waste and debris and sees to it that it functions properly, he is a very take charge kind of person who is responsible, dependable, and has initiative.  He is very friendly and helpful.


Very pleased with Khaled and with the responsible and friendly service he provides.  He visits on a regular basis, checks our stock, and replenishes our supplies as needed.  I was not aware that the bob cups are recyclable which is why I mentioned that I thought the system was not environmentally sound, but that we love it anyway.  Then I guess Khaled takes away the spent cups with him because  I never see them in the office in a blue bin?  Your techs, though, are always on the ball.  Lately, I do not recall that we have had any problems - BD seems to be functioning really well. 





Matt is reliable, the schedule is dependable; the overall service is great in terms of efficiency and thoroughness.  The machines we have are appropriate for our needs. We do not need anything fancy here that costs a lot of money.  You have been very helpful in providing us with just the right variety in terms of product mix, where our staff can enjoy choices of coffees and teas without our having to bust the bank to do it.  We are obviously very cost conscious but at the same time concerned that our staff should have access to the best that our controlled funds can buy - and you have come through for us on this - been very responsive to our needs.