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Our coffees are grown on small estates rich in rainfall and fertile soil in the finest coffee regions around the world. Most of the coffee grows at altitudes between 5,000 and 6,600 feet above sea level. All plantings are of the best Arabica botanical varieties. What makes these coffees different is the special attention tress and their fruit receive from the strict plantation management standards such as pruning, irrigation and replanting, to selective hand picking, spring water washing and sun drying. The process of washing and sun drying helps to preserve the coffee’s distinct characteristics, clean taste and natural moisture balance for consistent good taste.

To expand from the unmistakable and very defined taste profile of our world class coffees of origin, we have created a series of specialty blends. Each blend encompasses a myriad of taste notes that, when combined, explode in a symphony of flavour and aroma. Examine the distinct characteristics of each to satisfy a demanding palate and assist you in making the right choice.

Fraction Packaged Coffee


Our most recent addition, this “Parisien” Dark Roast is made from selected high grown quality varietals offering a strong, aromatic and deep intensity without any bitterness. This French roast coffee is sure to please those with a taste for something bold, unique and complex.

Bodecker Brewed

This “Full City” Medium Dark Roast is our best seller and our signature coffee. Previously named Mister Coffee Executive, this blend of South and Central American coffees exhibits a rich, full-bodied taste with a heady aroma and zesty flavour. An excellent all purpose coffee, great any time of the day.


A truly distinctive blend of some of the World’s finest beans. With coffees from South and Central America and the addition of some beans from the African continent, this “Full City” Medium Dark Roast offers a crisp satisfying finish with every cup. You can detect a hint of acidity and sharpness because of the African. It is a wonderful accompaniment with desserts and sweets.

Pride of Cordoba

This easy drinking coffee has a well-rounded character. A full-bodied “New York / Velvet” Medium Roast that is a great morning pick me up. Made from the finest South American coffees.

Columbian Gold

Yes, the spelling is different (Colombian) as this is our take on blending the best Colombian beans available today. The character is mildly fruity with light acidity, medium body with a slightly toasted aroma. A popular “New York / Velvet” Medium Roast, it is sure to please any time of the day.

Brazilian Mountain Harvest

This blend of Brazilian and neighbouring South American coffees has a complex array of subtle notes ranging from fruity to nutty. With “New York / Velvet” Roast with medium body and acidity, it is a perfectly balanced cup.

Cafe Excelso

This “New York / Velvet” Roast was developed to satisfy a growing trend here in Canada.
A heavy-bodied, smooth tasting coffee with taste notes that mimics popular donut shop coffees. With the addition of cream to your brewed coffee, your palate experiences strong aroma and  flavour with smoothness that delights the senses. Especially satisfying as the first morning cup.

Mocha java “GOLD COAST”

Our most complex blend of beans from Indonesia, Africa, and South and Central America, this Light “Cinnamon” Roast is a great morning coffee with a good caffeine kick. With a full body and medium acidity rendering an exceptional finish with overtones of wine and fruity undertones.

Colombian Decaffeinated

Using a natural liquid carbon dioxide process that incorporates only water to moisture the coffee bean and render the caffeine accessible for removal, this successfully removes 99% of the caffeine for those who love coffee without the kick. This certified organic process allows us to produce a naturally decaffeinated coffee and maintain all the richness and flavour of a regular Colombian coffee. A “New York / Velvet” Roast that is pleasant and satisfying.

Whole Bean Coffees


This “Parisien” Dark Roast has an intense toasted flavour and aroma with medium acidity and body. A blend of African and South American coffees, its snappy and spicy taste is appropriate for the experienced palate.


We offer this fine blend in three degrees of roast, Very Dark, Medium Dark and Light.  The beans are a complex blend of African, Middle Eastern and South American with acidic undertones, nutty overtones and a pungent taste. To get the appropriate effect, the grind must be extremely fine to product heavier body and smoothness.

Mister Coffee Executive 

Our signature coffee, this blend of South and Central American beans, roasted to a “Full City” Medium Dark finish, is our suggestion for an all-purpose coffee, great any time of the day.  A well-balanced, sweet and smooth, rich and flavourful coffee.

French Mocha

A “Full City” Medium Dark Roast, this blend of African and South American beans is a good choice for those seeking a bold taste. It displays a toasty and aromatic flavour, and is smooth and rich.

After Dinner

A blend of Central American beans with a Light “Cinnamon” Roast and South American beans with a Dark “Full City” Roast. The resulting variation in colour highlights the fact that different and distinct beans with different characters are merged to create a unique taste profile. The result is a well-rounded coffee, great for late day relaxation and enjoyment. 

Private Blend

This “New York / Velvet” Medium Roast coffee has a smooth and mellow character from its South and Central American composition. A nice balance of acidity, body, aroma and flavour.

Colombian Supremo

A very popular, high quality coffee from a single growing region of Colombia. We have decided to roast this bean to a “New York / Velvet” Medium Roast that allows the true character to flow directly to the cup. A large bean with great taste consistency year after year, Supremo is truly a supreme choice creating a great tasting coffee using any brewing process. 

Mocha Java

This Light “Cinnamon” Roast is a traditional blend of African, Indonesian and South American coffee beans with a light, mellow and slightly acidic taste, great for that first morning cup. Our lightest roast offering the highest concentration of natural caffeine.

Starbucks Coffee

House Blend – Medium

Blend of coffees from Latin America. Take a sip and you’ll notice its lively, clean, well-balanced taste. This is Starbucks signature coffee: a welcoming blend that always seems perfect, no matter what the occasion.

Caffé Verona – Bold

A blend of coffees from Latin America and Asia / Pacific regions. A seductive blend with a touch of Italian Roast lending depth, soul and sweetness. Because it pairs so very well with chocolate, its called the “coffee of romance”.

Sumatra – Extra Bold

A coffee from the Asia / Pacific region. The most popular single origin coffee Starbucks offers, Sumatra has an earthy aroma, densely heavy body and concentrated spicy flavors that linger in your mouth.

Timothy's World Coffees

Mild Roast

Breakfast Blend
An eye-opening blend with a smooth, easy-going flavour made complex with sweet aromatic Costa Rican and smoky Guatemalan coffee beans.

Medium Roast

Colombia La Vereda
An intense fragrance with exotic floral notes, balanced body and acidity, distinctive fruity and citric overtones.

Private Blend
The smoothness of Central American coffee and the sharp intensity of African coffee blended together.

Dark Roast Mocha

If you prefer your espresso strong, black and rich, this popular Turkish-style coffee should be your choice. Parisian-roasting our special blend yields a tangy, dry aftertaste.

Rainforest Espresso
 An espresso-style coffee with a full-bodied taste. A sweet, richly satisfying pause in your day.

San Lorenzo Dark
Our hand-picked Colombian beans, roasted in the very dark, tangy Parisian fashion.

Italian Blend

One of our mild roasts. A very smooth, light espresso blend, more sweet than bittersweet — a great tasting complement with biscotti, a rich cannoli, or gelato.

Flavoured Varieties

A luscious combination of roasted hazelnut and French vanilla cream.

Irish Cream
The traditional taste of Irish cream Liqueur with that smooth luxurious velvety texture.

Caramel Vanilla Nut
A blend of tropical nut flavours with warm caramel and rich vanilla make this a decadent, yet calorie-free treat.

German chocolate cake
Relax with the comforting aroma and flavour of bakery fresh chocolate cake featuring the unique sweetness of a creamy German frosting that blends caramel and vanilla with toasted coconut.


Decaf Colombian
A 97% caffeine-free and pure Colombian coffee that retains most of its original coffee character.

Decaf Noisette
The decaf version of our best-selling flavoured coffee, just as luscious as the regular with its blend of hazelnut and French vanilla cream.

Bodecker Brewed Coffees

Breakfast Blend – Light

Is a blend of South American coffee beans of a light note with good balance and exceptional finish, ideal for your morning cup.

Donut Shop Blend – Mild

This blend unveils a rich aroma intensified by its fruity notes, it’s a smooth coffee with a lively acidity, just like the one you would get at the donut shop – only better!

Colombiana – Medium

One of Colombia’s finest estate coffee beans that delivers a well-balanced medium brew that may likely become your “any-time of the day” cup.

Fair Trade Organic Colombian – Medium

This coffee is grown in full shade of the traditional Typica variety on the Marta Mountain This location is ideal for organic cultivation with abundant natural water resources, rich soils free of chemical pollution and ideal temperature. This soft, fragrant coffee exhibits distinct chocolate or sweet cocoa notes complimented by a fruity undertone.

Esperanto – Bold

An exotic blend of South American, Indonesian and Kenyan beans that has a delectable tanginess that grabs hold, delivering that rich, bold flavor you crave.

Espresso – Extra Bold

A unique blend of coffees made from very best Central, South American & Indonesian coffee beans. This roast has a heavy complex character with just a hint of sweetness.

French Roast – Dark

This is a blend of African, Central and South American beans is medium dark roasted. This produces a strong full bodied coffee with overpowering taste and aroma. The darker roast brings out its spicy, nutty character.

Turkana – Extra Dark

A dark-roasted blend that combines Colombian, Brazilian, and Central American coffees offering a truly distinctive taste with roasty overtones and delicate earthy undertones.

Delano Decaf – Decaf

A 100% naturally decaffeinated full-bodied blend of South and Central American coffee beans results in a truly enjoyable cup of coffee… day or night.

Tortello – Flavour

A superbly luscious blend of roasted hazelnut and subtle notes of French Vanilla that can cap off your breakfast, lunch or dinner and will relax and tantalize.

Cappulato – Flavour

Combining the smooth rich blend of our very best coffee beans with notes of cappuccino and the sweetness of caramel resulting in a peaceful escape form the other wise busy day.

Franzella – Flavour

Enhanced with the well-known richness of French Vanilla and smooth yet bold coffee flavor, culminating in a perfect partnership that practically redefines self-indulgence.

Hot Chocolate

It has a sweet, sophisticated dark chocolate taste that is warming for the soul.

Chicken Soup

A soul-restoring combo of chicken, veggie flavors and wonderful spices. It is perfect to beat the 3 pm slump. It’s like a remedy that you can sip savor and enjoy.

Earl Grey Tea

This mild and aromatic black tea is a blend with a distinctive flavor and aroma derived from the addition of oil extracted form the rind of the bergamot orange, a fragrant citrus fruit.

English Breakfast Tea

Is a blend of several black teas derived from various locales including India, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Malawi and Chinausually described as full-bodied, robust, and/or rich.

Tabuko Tea

Is a black tea, or red tea as it is known in China, is the result of a complete oxidation of the leaf before being fired. It has sweet malty aroma, perfect for anytime of the day and strong enough to take milk.

Green Tea

Light in color and flavor, green tea has lower caffeine content than other tea types. Powerful antioxidants and catechins have been shown in recent studies to fight viruses, slow aging, and have beneficial effect on health.

Chai Tea

Is based on a black tea, blended with cardamom, cloves, coriander, sweet cumin seeds, curry leaves, lemon grass, rampe leaves. It is best enjoyed with milk, and sugar to taste.

Peppermint Tea

Our dried peppermint leaves will make a minty, refreshing drink that is highly satisfying. It’s recognized for it’s soft to the palate taste and caffeine-free attributes. Peppermint essential oil menthol is also known to promote digestion.

Chamomile Tea

This delicious, mild therapeutic herb tea has a satisfying, apple like aroma and flavor. Chamomile is a soothing, gentle relaxant that has been shown to work for a variety of complaints from stress to menstrual cramps.

Rooibos Tea

Originated in South Africa, it has a smooth, non-bitter flavor that is pleasant hot or chilled. This tea can help allergies, sleep problems, digestive problems, headaches and other ailments. It is also rich in minerals and anti-oxidants 50 x that of Green Tea.

Honey Red Lemon

This caffeine free tea produces an exceptionally smooth taste delivered from the combination of tangy Hibiscus, Rosehips and Lemon together with the sweet, taste of Honey. Hibiscus and rosehips also contain a number of medicinal properties: Hibiscus is known to be effective in the treatment of high blood pressure, while Rosehips are a rich source of Vitamin C, E and K. It is also rich in bioflavonoids, which build and strengthen body tissue.

Specialty Coffee

Coffee Talk A superior cup of coffee is a careful blend of various coffee flavours extracted under precise time, temperature and pressure conditions, in conjunction with a filter medium that allows the essential oils and flavours to flow through to the cup. Mister Coffee & Services, Inc. procures only the finest Specialty Arabica Grade coffee with the best technology available today to bring you the best tasting coffee in keeping with what Master Roasters and Cuppers savour in laboratory conditions.

Coffee’s rich brew begins with the fruit of a coffee tree, also called a “Cherry.” Resembling a cranberry in size and shape, the red, fully ripe cherry has a pulp and two flat-sided green seeds or beans. The bean is protected by a parchment-like husk and a silky, opaque chaff, called the “Silverskin.” Most plants bloom first, then bear fruit. The Coffee Tree does both at once, blooming with jasmine-scented white flowers at the same time that it bear ripe and unripe fruit. This makes growing and harvesting coffee extremely labour-intensive because the ripe beans must by picked selectively. The average healthy tree produces 5 pounds of green beans annually or about 2,000 beans.

The bean can vary in taste significantly dependent on the coffee-growing region. Factors like climate, altitude, soil, growing conditions and human care for the harvest will dictate the inherent taste of the bean. Factors like exposure to moisture and cold temperatures adversely effect bean quality. Other contributing factors are blending, roasting, brewing and storage of the coffee.

  • Brazil is the world’s largest producer and exporter of coffee beans
  • There are two classifications of coffee, Arabica (superior) grown in higher elevations with great care and Robusta (inferior) grown in lower elevations and with less care
  • Prior to roasting, green coffee has moisture content of 9%-13%
  • Brewed coffee exhibits characters that include aroma, acidity, body and taste / flavour
  • Brewing processes requiring more water like paper filter, metal filter and French press brewing during extraction create a higher concentration of caffeine in brewed coffee.
  • To create decaffeinated coffee, unroasted (green) beans are soaked in water for a period of time, then dried and roasted. This successfully eliminated 97%-99% of the caffeine.
  • Lighter roasts allow the bean to retain more caffeine
  • A blend can refer to either a mix of different coffee beans from different growing regions or countries, or a mix of different colours of roast brought together after the roasting process.
  • Flavour coffees like French Vanilla and Irish Cream use natural flavourings and fragrances blended together with Brazilian or Colombian coffee beans
  • When roasted and packaged, oxygen is removed and replaced with nitrogen to extend the shelf-life freshness; when the packaging is opened and the coffee is exposed to air, then store coffee in an air-tight, dry container.
  • Coffee is the second most consumed commodity in the world
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